It's Simple!

First, we partner up with awesome local businesses and install Digital Signage Displays. They're big, HD, and have great attention grabbing content like weather, local news, and community events. 

Second, we partner with local Chattanooga businesses ONLY and for a small monthly fee you get to reach thousands of prospective clients every month! No more than 12 advertisements per display are sold. You select the location and provide the content, we do the rest! 

Don't have an ad? No worries, we have you covered with our graphic design partners!

Check this out:

  • No more than 12 advertisers are placed on a single display
  • Ads are on a constant loop with 15 seconds of visibility for each advertisement  
  • Our average location runs 12 hours per day, 7 days a week
  • If a prospective customer is present for 15 minutes your ad will be displayed 5 times! 
  • In one week your ad will be displayed 1,680 times!
  • In one month your ad will be displayed 7,440 times!
  • In one year of advertising, your ad will be displayed 89,280 times!